• 9.5.21 Happy birthday Rita

Today we celebrated the birhtday of Rita with a special birthday cake. She is now 10 years old.

  • April 21: SPONSORSHIP

We offer now the possibility of sponsor one of our children. Make a difference and help us to let our children grow healthy and be a part of their live. For more information write an E-Mail to

  • 4.4.21 HAPPY EASTER

We wish you all a blessed Easter. We had a lot of easter activities the last few days. We colored eggs, playing with eggs and baked easter rabbits.

More pictures you can find on our facebook page:

  • 29.3.21 Happy birthday Omary

Today Omary celebrated the first time his birthday. He is now six years old

  • 16.03.21 Happy birthday Glory

Today we celebrated the birthday of Glory. She is now six years

  • 17.02.21 Welcome Shine

Today our new child Shine arrived in our orphanage. She is five month old and our smallest child.

  • 16.02.21 Happy birthday Christina

Today we celebrated the birthday of Christina. She is now 2 years old.

  • 04.02.21 Welcome Omary

Today Omary, child number 10, arrived in our orphanage. With almost six years and only 7,1kg he needs alot of care.

  • 29.01.21 Happy birthday Kurwa

Today we celebrated the birhtday of Kurwa

  • 18.01.21 Happy birthday Lameck

  • 08.01.21 Happy birtdhay Maua

Today we celebrated the birhtday of Maua

  • 01.01.2021 HAPPY NEW YEAR

We wish you a happy and blessed new year 2021!

  • 25.12.20 Merry Christmas

We wish you all a very merry christmas.

We had a nice day with church in the morning, delicious lunch and many presents in the afternoon.

  • 24.12.20 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Neema

Today we celebrated Neemas 8th birthday.

  • 1.12.20 Advent calender

This year we have again our special advent calender. Take a look:

  • 30.11.20 Happy birthday Bridget

Today we celebrated the 4th birthday of Bridget. She loved it.

  • 20.11.20 Happy birthday Idrissa und Zuura

Today we celebrated two birthdays. Idrissa and Zuura have their birthday at the same day.

  • 16.11.20 Happy birthday Janeth

Today we celebrated the birthday of our Nurse.

  • 6.11.20 Happy birthday Josephina

Today we celebrated the fourth birthday of Josephina and had alot of fun. God bless you!

  • 17.09.20 Welcome Christina

Today the little Christina arrived from Mwanza. Her mother abonded her with a letter in front of another orphanage. Sadly nobody was able to find her family, so she will live now with us. She is 1,5 years

  • 09.09.20 Welcome Glory

Late at night Glory arrived at HOPE&WONDER. Her mother sadly died few days after giving birth.

  • 08.09.2020 Thank you for all your support!

This day is also a chance to say THANK YOU to all of you, who support us.
We are able to give 7 children a lovely home and employ 5 staff. Thanks to everybody who donates.


Today we celebrated the first birthday of HOPE & WONDER. One year ago we started the orphanage with our first Child Neema. This is a reason to celebrate.

  • 01.09.2020 Welcome Kurwa

Today Kurwa arrived in our orphanage from Tabora. He is 7 years old.

  • 14.08.20 Welcome Josephina

And a new surprise. We got a phone call today and one hour later Josephina arrived at HOPE&WONDER. She lived in Mother Theresia orphanage in Tabora and is 3 years old.

  • 10.08.20 Welcome Bridget

After a long time here some exciting news. Today Bridget come with her grandfather in front of our gate and give us Bridget. She is 3 years old.

  • 09.05.20 Happy birthday Rita

We celebtrated the 9th birthday of Rita together at the beach

  • 30.04.20 Welcome Rameki

We have now Rameki and his mother in our Hope&Wonder family.

  • 12.04.20 HAPPY EASTER

We wish you all a wonderful Easter and send you colorful greetings from Tanzania

  • 9.3.20 Car

We have our own car 🙂
We already drive together and the children loves it.

  • 24.02.20 NGO in Germany

Now we also have an official NGO in Germany. Thank you Melissa and all members for your support!

  • 29.01.20 HAPPRY BIRTHDAY Martha

Today we celebtrated the birthday of our Housemother

  • 08.01.20 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rehema

Today we celebrated the 6th birthday of Rehema!

  • 07.01.20 Welcome Rita

Today we got our new child, Rita! Welcome to our childrens house!

  • 01.01.20 HAPPY NEW YEAR

We wish you all a wonderful, blessed year 2020. Thanks so much for all your support in the last year. We are wondering what the new year will bring to us.

  • 25.12.19 Christmas

We had a nice christmas in our Home. Some pictures you can find here

  • 24.12.19 Birthday of Neema

Today we celebrated the 7th birthday of Neema at the beach. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • 2.10.19 Second Child Rehema

Today we could welcome our second Child Rehema – welcome to HOPE&WONDER!

  • 08.09.19 Opening

Today we finally opened our orphanage and took the first child, Neema, to our place. We are very happy!

  • 07.09.19 Painting

The last view days we had some artists here and they coloured our living room and floor. It`s looking amazing!

  • 06.09.19 Video about the first two weeks of my time in our new house

Frederique made a Video about the first two weeks in the new house.
Thanks so much, dear Frederique and for all of you have fund whilst watching it.

  • 22.08.19 Our first family member

Since three days we have a dog. On Facebook we searched for names and you voted for Cedric.
I hope he will save us always.

  • 25.07.19 House finnishing

I have been in Tanzania for almost two weeks now and we have been working hard so that we can open our children’s home soon.

We now have electricity, our own water tank has been installed and the well has been activated, windows with mosquito nets have been installed, as well as the wooden entrance doors.
The social welfare office was already there for the inspection and was largely satisfied ?
If you want to see more pictures and updates, just have a look at our Facebookpage

  • 9.07.19 Colored House

Look how nice our house starts to be

  • 18.05.19 Skimming and painting
  • 07.05.19 Video

I have just returned from my two-week stay in Tanzania. I have brought you a video about the current state of construction. I hope you can already get an idea of what our home will look like in the future.

  • 19.04.19 Information about us

Now we are officially represented on the homepage of the municipality Hombrechtikon. You can find us on under «Sport, Freizeit und Kultur» and then «Vereine / Institutionen».

  • 28.03.19 Roof completely finnished

It took a while and there were some problems to solve, but now our roof is completely finished. Isn’t it beautiful?

  • 20.03.19 Fundraising campaign

The house building continues, but for the solar system, the interior etc. we lack the money so far. Therefore we need YOUR help!

  • 01.03.19 Roof

A lot of work and planning lies behind us, but our roof is now almost finished.

  • 20.02.19 carcass

Since a few days I am on site again and the carcass is largely finished.

  • 01.01.19 Happy new year!

We are excited what the year will bring for our childrens home

  • 30.12.18 groundbreaking ceremony

Now the housebuilding begins, what an exciting step

  • 18.12.18 Website online

Now we finally have a homepage, it will be extended in the next weeks and months.

  • 16.11.18 Start of the wall construction

Finally the construction starts

  • 14.11.18 Launch of Charitable Incorporated Organisation in Switzerland

Now we also have an official association in Switzerland. Thank you Claudia Bachmann-Huder for your engagement and commitment, without you this club would not exist

  • 14.10.18 We have a logo ?

Thank you Doris Fien for your wonderful drawing!

  • 27.09. Building permission

Yeah, our building permit has arrived. Thank you Idrissa for your work.

  • 30.8.18 Certificate of Registration

Today, after a lot of work and countless visits to the authorities, we finally have our official NGO in Tanzania: «Hope and wonderful disabled children».

  • 17.5.18 Land purchased

A big milestone: Today we officially have a plot of land in Dar es Salaam